Spain, Madrid


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Madrid boast such great energy and life within its vibrant and colourful city whereby I couldn’t stop ohhing and ahhing at every corner or street I turned onto as people were chanting, eating, drinking and simply put just ‘chilling’. As for the buildings, just exquisite.

The weather was one word, hot, with an exclamation mark. Three exclamation marks. Good thing, I chose to weary my airy culottes with my trusty sneakers and my mint backpack.

Here are some images I snapped of the beautiful city. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


London Weekend Stroll


image-72image-65image-69image-67 image-68 image-70 image-71image-66Hello

Hope everyone had a lovely week.

This weekend I played tourist strolling around Big Ben and the London Eye enjoying the crowd armed with a croissant and coffee on a nice sunny day. Thank you London for the blue sky.

Here are some images I snapped in order; the first two is the extravaganza Big Ben, the attention on wheels the London Eye, view from below of the London Eye, sitting on a bench by the water watching the blue sky, beautiful choices of flowers, took a walk in the evening and saw this silhouette of the tree and branches which caught my eye as I looked up and myself having a coffee sit down as I admire the pretty black and white table.

Thank you.

Iceland, Reykjavik


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I am catching up and doing a post on Iceland which will always have a place in my heart.

On the 10th of January 2015, I was fortunate enough to have witnessed the Northern Lights, this once in a lifetime opportunity. I joined Northern Light tour’s 15 minutes before starting, we drove around for 6 hours to different locations and waited in the -10 degree weather. Let’s just say, I needed more clothes.

But laying on the snow staring at the midst of the night sky looking at the stars, what felt like being in the middle of nowhere was all worth it. She finally greeted us, showing off and dancing the night away. Yes, she blew my mind 🙂

I shot the first image of HallgrĂ­mskirkja at 10am. Yes. The tour guide shot myself with the Northern Lights. (Sorry, you can’t see my face but I guess I’m not the main attraction anyways).

Pakka Per.

Italy, Amalfi Coast


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Italy has always had me wrapped around its fingers with the delicious food on offer, culture, scenery and how laid back and friendly everyone is.

After 8 hours of travel which consisted of 1 plane and 2 buses, I finally arrived at the (Oh em gee)…Amalfi Coast.

The Amalfi Coast is stunningly gorgeous with homes and businesses sitting on high mountains by the sea, whirlwind roads and a sense of relaxation and gratitude you suddenly feel as soon as you step foot onto the Coast.

Here are some images I snapped of the Amalfi Coast, vivid sunset and a view of my plane ride.



Finland, Helsinki


image-39 image-34 image-35 image-36Hei Hei

Hope everyone had a nice lovely Bank Holiday weekend, whether that time was spent with family, friends or purely having some ‘me time’.

I spent this weekend in the last Scandinavian country to explore Finland. Beautiful. Expensive. Subtly quirky.

Here are some images I snapped in order: a quiet colourful street where I can hear my own footsteps, coloured buildings which I cannot get enough of meshing in with the blue sky, inside the Temppeliaukio Church and me back in London, shot of where I lay.




Norway, Oslo


image-23 image-24image-26image-28image-31image-21image-25image-27Oslo the Viking and capital of Norway is a beautiful modern city where you can easily explore by foot to popular sights. For instance, from Sentralstajon, Oslo’s main railway station, you can walk to the Parliament House, Nobel Prize Museum and the Coast all within approximately 20 minutes. Otherwise, there are bus and tram options.

I managed to find 20 pound return ticket from London to Oslo *does the moon walk* Bargain lovers and budget travellers will understand why a moon dance is necessary. Ways to save some money is always to check various sites before booking, especially if you are flexible on dates. Book hostels/hotels and check if breakfast and towels are included (these are the small things which turn out to be the big things), buy food from the supermarket and cook it at the accommodation if it has a kitchen, or you can eat out with a decent meal costing 149-250 kroner. Norway is an expensive city, and having travelled to 3 other Scandinavian countries I was (mentally) prepared and every penny counts!

My budget: return flights – 20 pound, bus to London airport return -15 pound, hostel – 25 pound, bus from Rygge airport – 170 kroner one way for adult, 130 kroner one way for student, food/being touristy – 55 pound = 115 pound having 24 hours to see as much as I can.

Here in order of images I snapped: The Parliament House are the first 2 photos, Coast, Nobel Peace Museum, simplistic architecture, hand fountain and the Tiger Statue.

Takk 🙂



London Weekend


image-8image-7image-9 image-10image-6Hi-5 London for bringing out the tee shirt weather this weekend! 🙂

I tend to sometimes walk and wander around with no real set plans for the day and would encourage everyone to try it at least once because you never know what to expect or see…

Here are some images I snapped this weekend in order: the ever so beautiful Natural History Museum, black and white mini cooper parked in front of white homes, the stand out green brick, his and hers home and lastly London’s trademark, the red bus.