Not all those who wander are lost… exploration in Mt Cook


Hello Everyone

‘She realised she had this one. This one big, bold and beautiful life. And she realised she didn’t want to live it chasing and crying and apologising. Fearing and regretting. She realised she wanted to live it proudly and freely an creatively; Lovingly, fully and sweetly. She realised that she could choose, and so, she chose’. 

I love exploring the South of New Zealand a place filled such beautiful nature, felt so fortunate to have the opportunity to back for a second time. This time exploring Mt Cook, it was seriously love at first as I gasped ‘oh em gee’ at my first sight of this breathtaking mountain. Surroundings were just as amazinggg!! There are different kinds of walks you could go on to see Mt Cook and opt to sleep there too.

Though we did a few pitstops where we had the chance to get off the bus to stretch our legs and to do some photography. Here are some images snapped.

Favourite season of the year, Autumn 

Lindis Pass just stunning 

Somewhere…enroute to Mt Cook 

Mt Cook 

Hope you enjoyed this edition and images, have a beautiful and awesome week! x 🙂