Short getaway to Byron Bay


Hello All

Another year wiser and on this special day I try to always to do either of the below:

a). travel somewhere new
b). visit a new place such as a new museum, restaurant or beach
c). do something different which I have never done before such as trying new food or outdoor activities such as paragliding
d). reflect on the year and future goals
e). have some ‘me time’ stop, rest and reset
f). take my shoes off and dance the night away

This year I chose to spend at the beautiful Byron Bay where you get the most glorious beaches and you just can’t simply go wrong with food. EVERYONE was so chilled and relaxed, that you kinda have to do the same. Stop walking so fast like you do in Sydney, take your time and yes just be chilled 🙂

In saying that, that is exactly what we did, it was a 7 minute walk from our accomodation at Byron Holiday Park which was about a 7-10 minute walk to Tallow Beach. Disclaimer: there is a walkway which you have to pass with  warning sign of brown snakes. Nevertheless, it was fine and the beach was breathtaking! Also spent time at Byron Beach and you can see some of the images taken below. Hope you enjoy them!

Heres a little fun video please click here to check it out, Gracias!

Image 1: Spotted this Kombis, haven’t experienced one…yet 🙂 

Image 2: Byron Bay Lighthouse 

Image 3: Byron Bay Beach 

Image 4: Myself at Byron Lighthouse 

Image 5: No adventure is without breakfast at Bayleaf Cafe…yum! 

Image 6: Tallow Beach 

Hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year! Will you see then where I will be spending in Laos and Vietnam and will create some more content. Happy holidays and stay safe 🙂 x

Manly and Shelly Beach



Shirt and short tan lines and its been about 3 weeks now and I still have that sandal tan lines…It’s almost like I have a whole outfit on 😉

It was scorching hot weather this weather reaching over 30 degrees which calls for another day spent at the beach. Also, I don’t live anywhere near a beach so any excuse to go to one is always a good idea. This time, I explored Manly and Shelly Beach both in Manly and only about a 10 minute walk from each other. Manly itself is a great area to explore, one  way of getting there is by catching a ferry from Circular Quay and takes approximately 30 minutes which is how I did it. You go past the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Manly beach is popular amongst locals and tourists and Shelly beach is somewhat more excluded than Manly. Here are some images I took yesterday; the first 4 images are of Manly beach and the last 2 images are of Shelly beach.

To cap off, it has been an amazing 2015 filled with so much adventures, meeting lots of people, and moving back to Sydney for Summer from London. This will be my last post for the year whilst I take a short break and will be back in the New Year… with other adventures abroad.

Thank you for all your inspiration, comments, likes… it makes me so happy you will never know. Have a safe New Year my lovelies!



Bondi Beach, Sydney



I now have sandal tan… and I’m not entirely sure how to get rid of it. All thanks to Sydney summer vibes spent at Bondi Beach in perfect 27 degree weather.

One way of getting to the beach is by catching a train to Bondi Junction Station and then bus 333 which will take you right there!

Bondi Beach is a popular beach attraction amongst locals and tourists with Bondi Iceberg for those who prefer to swim in a pool. Don’t forget to slip, slop, slap with sunscreen and a hat and always swim between the flags which are the safest areas.

Here are some images I snapped over the weekend with that blue sky. Now, if you have any idea of how to get rid of two stripes across your feet, do tell. 😉

I hope you enjoyed this and have a great week my lovelies.



Dusseldorf, Germany


image (17) image (18)image (19) image (15)image (22)image (12) image (13) image (14) image (16)image (20) image (21)

Shouldn’t life be our favourite adventure?

On Saturday 22nd of August 2015, I spent 24 hours in Dusseldorf one of Germany’s wealthiest cities which is posh and modern hypotonized by striking architectures, buzzing nightlife and businesses. Many locals enjoy their social life alongside the Rhine River which boasts many restaurants and bars and when you can get a view of the sunset as seen above, I can understand why.

Here are some images I snapped in order; The Rhine River Bridge, the next two photos are the beautiful Hofgarten Park, don’t forget to always look up as the sun shines on myself, reflection of the Gourmet Festival, a happy child getting a balloon from a clown, distinct architecture building, a man peering out and the charmful windows, the people watching the people 😉

And the last two photos is the amazing sunset at the Rhine River as I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face as I watched it go down.

I really hoped you enjoyed this and hope you have a great week!

Danke, thank you.







Brighton, England


image-32image-34image-26image-31 image-27 image-28 image-29 image-30 image-33

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

Yesterday, I made a spontaneous trip to Brighton which is a seaside resort located on the South Coast of England. Brighton is picturesque, vivid and dynamic. It should be added to your bucket list of places to visit. Admittedly, being an Australian I did scratch my head at the sight of pebbles at the sea when I visited for the first time about a year ago, but I warmed up to the idea the second time round 😉

Here are some images I snapped in order; Brighton Pier, Brighton Wheel and the seagulls, Brighton Wheel and the clouds, Brighton Wheel and the crowd, sea and the pebbles, coloured Victorian homes which are part of the conservation, my fish and chips which I ate by the sea, although half way through eating I decided to run down to the water to take a quick picture only to come back with seagulls finishing off the other half 🙂 (gosh, they are quick!)

The next picture is a view of the sea and lastly my beloved coffee which I had at Bond St Coffee a really laid back place to chill.

Hope you enjoyed this and have a lovely week!




Richmond, London


image (1) image (2) image (3) image (4) image (5) image (6) image (7) image (8)


Hope everyone had a lovely week!

I spent some time at Richmond upon Thames which is one of London’s most attractive borough, a favoured retreat of Royalty and also amongst the rich and famous.

Richmond will offer a sense of instant relaxation with its charm, park life, chilled atmosphere with lots of cafes and restaurants around. The River Thames crosses through Richmond town centre, Kew Gardens and Central London. You can travel by boat along the Thames which will give you a different perspective of attractions.

Here are some images I snapped on a beautiful Summer’s day in London. I hope you enjoy them and have a lovely week.





My hood, London #2


image-23image-22image-8image-20image-24image-1image-7 image-6 image-21image-5 image-18 image-15 image-17


I wanted to share some photos of what I got up to this weekend in my hood in West London.

Here are some images I snapped in order; green vintage car #sointoyou, hot wheels, the next two photos are both street views of Chelsea homes, blue car, acquainted homes, my lover the coffee, gelato from Amorino with flavours consisted of pistachio, dark chocolate and tiramisu (the best combination). Go on, lick the screen. Just make sure no one is around 😉

Fish and chips stall, my mini cod and chips and talented musicians all at the Chelsea market. There are other great street foods on offer such as oysters, pastries, cheese, burgers and international food from Japan, Africa and Turkey to name a few.

A very cool pink vintage car #sointoyou

And lastly, a fitting quote, “have a wild weekend” everyone and enjoy your week.





My Hood, London

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image-152image-144image-146 image-149image-142 image-150image-153 image-148  image-143


Hope everyone had a lovely week!

I wanted to share some images I snapped of ‘my hood’ and also what I got up to this week.

In order of images; the first four photos are a palette of colourful homes and street views, the popular South Kensington with crowds having breakfast, brunch or dinner with the Natural History and V&A museum nearby, a no entry door, my one and only coffee, the absolutely delicious tuna wrap with wasabi sauce (the what is that spot?!) I know you just want to eat the screen 😉

And lastly that’s me, peace out and enjoy your week! 🙂



Wimbledon 2015, London


image-133image-134image-132   image-135 image-136 image-137 image-138 image-139 image-140 image-141


Hope everyone had a lovely week! On Saturday I spent my day at Wimbledon watching the Ladies Final, on the big screen, on Henman Hill.

I joined the ‘Queue’ at 1am on Saturday morning. Unprepared with no tent, like other prepared people but luckily two kind Americans lent me their yoga mat to lay on and their shirts as blankets, so I did, felt a sense of gratitude being able to watch the night sky and moon, just amazing.

The next morning it was great soaking in the atmosphere with other fans and the sun was also rejoicing!

Here are some images I snapped in order; Wimbledon sign at the front entrance, my ‘lets do this’ footwear, Robinson’s  ball, glimpse of Serena Williams with her Championship trophy, matching flowers and leaves for Wimbledon, Court 1, banner and ladder, the 10:30am crowd at Henman Hills and latter the 2pm crowd.

Hope you enjoy them 🙂


Summer days at Hyde Park, London


image-122image-120image-119image-131 image-126 image-127image-128 image-129image-118 image-117


Hope everyone had a lovely week. The feeling of Summer was felt in London the last couple of days with temperatures reaching over 30 degrees! Even the dog cooled off, as seen above, and I was tempted to follow 😉

I spent Independence Day unwinding at the popular Hyde Park which has such a relaxing vibe where people are having picnics, tanning, sunbathing, playing volleyball, walking their dogs, boat riding or simply just daydreaming and enjoying the sunshine and atmosphere, like I was.

Here are some images I snapped around at the famous attraction Hyde Park with the last photo of myself trying to ‘keep cool’. With such green scenery and amazing trees you don’t feel like you’re in such a big city. This is why I love London.

Hope you enjoy them my lovelies.