Portugal, Lisbon


The National Pena Palace




Being such a ‘foodie’ all I could think about was, I finally get to eat Portuguese Tarts also known as Pastel de nata, a traditional custard tart pastry.

The rainy weather did not damper my mood as I landed, and first thing first, made my way to Belem even in the rain as I was unprepared for the weather, to the popular Pasteis de Belem known for their delicious Pastel de nata, and boy it did not disappoint.. I had one or eight.. to many..

The next morning, I headed out to Sintra a magical and beautiful city where castles sit on high steep hills. A place where you loose yourself to the serenity you instantly feel when arriving and where the beauty will keep you immersed all day long. I hiked my way on a foggy morning to the National Pena Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site monument and squeaked at the first site of the castle, mesmerised by the different colours and patterns.

Here some images I snapped in order; The National Pena Palace, extraordinary view of Sintra, The Sintra Palace and the delicious Pascal de Nata a traditonal Portuguese tart,

Obrigado Portugal.. I will be back!