Not all those who wander are lost… exploration in Mt Cook


Hello Everyone

‘She realised she had this one. This one big, bold and beautiful life. And she realised she didn’t want to live it chasing and crying and apologising. Fearing and regretting. She realised she wanted to live it proudly and freely an creatively; Lovingly, fully and sweetly. She realised that she could choose, and so, she chose’. 

I love exploring the South of New Zealand a place filled such beautiful nature, felt so fortunate to have the opportunity to back for a second time. This time exploring Mt Cook, it was seriously love at first as I gasped ‘oh em gee’ at my first sight of this breathtaking mountain. Surroundings were just as amazinggg!! There are different kinds of walks you could go on to see Mt Cook and opt to sleep there too.

Though we did a few pitstops where we had the chance to get off the bus to stretch our legs and to do some photography. Here are some images snapped.

Favourite season of the year, Autumn 

Lindis Pass just stunning 

Somewhere…enroute to Mt Cook 

Mt Cook 

Hope you enjoyed this edition and images, have a beautiful and awesome week! x 🙂


Autumn vibes in Queenstown


Hello Everyone!

My love affair with Queenstown will never end and I was feeling total bliss when I embarked on my second journey there. The first time was 9 months ago, I had ventured out to Milford Sounds and Fox Glacier and I was meant to explore Mt Cook but silly me didn’t read the itinerary properly… Well what happened … we left Queenstown for Fox Glacier and I had actually thought it was a day trip thinking the bus would go back to Queenstown, turns out it was not the case… and that I wouldn’t realise this until 15 minutes before arriving at Fox Glacier.. Yikes! I ended up booking a last minute accomodation at Fox Glacier and it also meant that I couldn’t explore Mt Cook the next day as planned. But that’s Ok… And so I realised adventures was the best to learn. 🙂

I told this story to the tour company Everything Tour Group I was exploring with to visit Mt Cook and they said I could use my ticket next time I came back! And so here I was on my second trip to Queenstown to go and see a Mountain I was meant to see 9 months ago…yasss!

My favourite season of the year is Autumn because everything is so much more colourful, cosy and intimate. There’s many things to do and explore just in Queenstown itself, you can do nice easy walks around Lake Wakatipu, stalk ducks in the pond if that’s your thing, sit on bench chairs and listen to the sounds of water, people watching, bike ride, paragliding which I did last time and lots of more outdoor activities just to name a few. Here are some images captured, hope you like them!

Enroute to Queenstown, somewhere in the clouds 

Exploring Lake Wakatipu 

Beautiful nature and a cheeky duck 
View goals Them Autumn colours.. Total bliss and serenity

Casually posing 

Feeling extra small but I don’t mind 😉 

Autumn vibes 

Hope you enjoyed this edition, thank you guys and have a beautiful week. x

Exploring New Zealand


South Island in New Zealand is truly one of the most beautiful and stunning places …being the perfect backdrop with breathtaking sceneries everywhere.

The first image was a pitstop venturing out from Queenstown to Fox Glaciers as seen in image 2 approximately a 7 hour drive. I didn’t read the tour guide properly and make these mistakes so that you don’t have to but about 15 mins away from arriving at Fox Glacier I realised this was not a day tour going back to Queenstown! I had 15 minutes to try and book a room in a backpackers and jump on the last shuttle to see Fox Glacier (since I was leaving the next day to go back to Queenstown) … it’s all part of the adventure.

The moon and mountain made me to do it as seen in image 2 of Fox Glacier. Images 3 to 6 was my exploration upon returning back to Queenstown 😉 Jumped off a mountain and went paragliding… was nervous but really great! Lot’s to explore around Queenstown with shops and the most spectacular lakes around… hope you like the visual snaps!

And hope you have a lovely week 🙂