Italy, Venice


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Hope everyone had a lovely week!

I am playing catch up and wanted to share some photos of my second trip to the magical city of Venice in Italy back on the 1st of March 2014.

The first four photos including photo six and seven show the marvel of Venice, a city on water and it’s entirety listed as a World Heritage Site. The fifth photo is myself trying on a beautiful masquerade and the last photo is also myself with a shining nose after I quickly ran into a coffee shop as it started pouring rain. Naturally.

I hope you enjoy the photos and your week. 🙂


Italy, Amalfi Coast


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Italy has always had me wrapped around its fingers with the delicious food on offer, culture, scenery and how laid back and friendly everyone is.

After 8 hours of travel which consisted of 1 plane and 2 buses, I finally arrived at the (Oh em gee)…Amalfi Coast.

The Amalfi Coast is stunningly gorgeous with homes and businesses sitting on high mountains by the sea, whirlwind roads and a sense of relaxation and gratitude you suddenly feel as soon as you step foot onto the Coast.

Here are some images I snapped of the Amalfi Coast, vivid sunset and a view of my plane ride.