Spain, Madrid


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Madrid boast such great energy and life within its vibrant and colourful city whereby I couldn’t stop ohhing and ahhing at every corner or street I turned onto as people were chanting, eating, drinking and simply put just ‘chilling’. As for the buildings, just exquisite.

The weather was one word, hot, with an exclamation mark. Three exclamation marks. Good thing, I chose to weary my airy culottes with my trusty sneakers and my mint backpack.

Here are some images I snapped of the beautiful city. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Weekend Style



It’s May, sunshine on face and wind blowing in hair. Wind 3, Me 2.

Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend. A big shout out to all Mother’s out there, you women rock. Happy Mother’s Day!

Outfit post, culottes paired up with a tee shirt, bomber jacket, sneakers and hat. Comfortable. Stylish. Simple.

Here are some images snapped up by Kaliyanei Smith.  This weekend’s reflection, no matter what keep striving forward and continue to always look ahead.

Thank you.


Culottes are Cool



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It would be a dream come true if I could own a pair of culottes in every colour! Being a short person, I struggle to find the ‘perfect pants’ where no alteration is needed and the culottes just does this for me. Of course, this is not the only reason why I would love a pair in every colour..

They are versatile, bohemian-like and they are able to give you that simple but classy edgy look. The best thing is that you can easily wear them dress up or down whatever the mood or occasion either with a pair of sneakers and shirt for the day or add a pair of heels for the night.

Here, I opted to wear it with short heels and a semi casual top as I spent my day at the lovely V&A Museum in London.

Photos by Miss Kate