Brighton, England


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We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

Yesterday, I made a spontaneous trip to Brighton which is a seaside resort located on the South Coast of England. Brighton is picturesque, vivid and dynamic. It should be added to your bucket list of places to visit. Admittedly, being an Australian I did scratch my head at the sight of pebbles at the sea when I visited for the first time about a year ago, but I warmed up to the idea the second time round 😉

Here are some images I snapped in order; Brighton Pier, Brighton Wheel and the seagulls, Brighton Wheel and the clouds, Brighton Wheel and the crowd, sea and the pebbles, coloured Victorian homes which are part of the conservation, my fish and chips which I ate by the sea, although half way through eating I decided to run down to the water to take a quick picture only to come back with seagulls finishing off the other half 🙂 (gosh, they are quick!)

The next picture is a view of the sea and lastly my beloved coffee which I had at Bond St Coffee a really laid back place to chill.

Hope you enjoyed this and have a lovely week!