Short getaway to Byron Bay


Hello All

Another year wiser and on this special day I try to always to do either of the below:

a). travel somewhere new
b). visit a new place such as a new museum, restaurant or beach
c). do something different which I have never done before such as trying new food or outdoor activities such as paragliding
d). reflect on the year and future goals
e). have some ‘me time’ stop, rest and reset
f). take my shoes off and dance the night away

This year I chose to spend at the beautiful Byron Bay where you get the most glorious beaches and you just can’t simply go wrong with food. EVERYONE was so chilled and relaxed, that you kinda have to do the same. Stop walking so fast like you do in Sydney, take your time and yes just be chilled 🙂

In saying that, that is exactly what we did, it was a 7 minute walk from our accomodation at Byron Holiday Park which was about a 7-10 minute walk to Tallow Beach. Disclaimer: there is a walkway which you have to pass with  warning sign of brown snakes. Nevertheless, it was fine and the beach was breathtaking! Also spent time at Byron Beach and you can see some of the images taken below. Hope you enjoy them!

Heres a little fun video please click here to check it out, Gracias!

Image 1: Spotted this Kombis, haven’t experienced one…yet 🙂 

Image 2: Byron Bay Lighthouse 

Image 3: Byron Bay Beach 

Image 4: Myself at Byron Lighthouse 

Image 5: No adventure is without breakfast at Bayleaf Cafe…yum! 

Image 6: Tallow Beach 

Hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year! Will you see then where I will be spending in Laos and Vietnam and will create some more content. Happy holidays and stay safe 🙂 x