Door Stalking, London part 2


IMG_3889IMG_3754IMG_1755IMG_2753 (1)IMG_1944IMG_3191

Can’t stop, won’t stop. Door stalking. Because there is too many beautiful doors and facades in London. I wanted to share some more images I snapped over many weeks as I feel all these doors have their own flair and its too stylish not to share.

I absolutely adore the first image as they are complementary neighbourhood numbers. The colour blue represents the colour of the sky and sea and tends to signify faith and trust and has a positive affect to the mind and body as it produces a calmness. The colour pink represents universal love and tends to signify affection and inner peace.

If you have ever seen my instagram: forthecurious,  there’s no denying I have a thing for colours! So the next image with the bright red door and blue and yellow wall makes me scream with excitement! I love how there is such a good balance with the colours as they do not overpower each other even with the bright red door as it is a smaller object.

The next image of the round yellow door facade is adorable, it kinda has a medieval yet modern look, the contrast intertwines beautifully. And another yellow door just because I love yellow! This yellow door brings a warm effect against the more neutral wall creating a sense of joy, happiness and energy.

Number one, is in a league of its own with such an enchanting style. J’adore which is french for I love. The last image is almost like a splitting personality but what both colours have in common is that they tend to signify peace. (insert emoticon with love heart eyes)

Hope you enjoyed this extension of door stalking and hope you have a great week my lovelies.







Door Stalking, London


Image-1 (1) IMG_2564IMG_2332IMG_3619IMG_2423IMG_2422

The symbolic meaning of doors: ‘I think I deserve something beautiful’ a quote from Eat, Pray, Love.

Sometimes in London I wander around and stalk. Lot’s of stalking. If I had a dollar for every time I stalked, I would probably have 100 dollars. Don’t worry, its all harmless, its door stalking. How can you resist temptation when London is filled with so many beautiful doors with such character. Here are some images I snapped around over many weeks and wanted to share it because its too stylish not to.

The first door is my favourite door in Chelsea and I really think we are made for each other 😉

I love the next image of the yellow and orange doors right next to each other as they are complementary neighbours. How cute is the matching doors and window in the next image against the green and white! The next image I feel is an understated door but I love the look of enchantment just above and the plant on the left side and the front along with the colours of green and pink, everything just matches perfectly and has a pleasant subtle effect.

The next image of the two different shades of blue of the door and wall is quite bold and strong so to balance it out all you need is a simple black classy lamp on the side to finish off the touch. I thought the red and black doors next to each other was interesting in the last image as both colours have something in common, these colours tend to signify ‘power’ and yet there such a great contrast.

I hope you enjoyed this and hope you all have a great week! 🙂

Thank you.





The Creative Blogger Award


I was nominated for The Creative Blogger Award by the personable sweatergiraffe. Check out her blog;

The rules state that I must share five facts about myself, and then go on to nominate five other people, so here it goes with the fun facts:

1. I love Sunday’s. It is my favourite day of the week where I love to chill, go to a museum or simply treat myself to that piece of cake I have been thinking about all week…

2. I love eating noodles. All types. Dry or with soup. Very spicy.

3. My favourite sport to watch is Tennis, I could watch it for hours, catch is I am not a great Tennis player.

4. I love and enjoy being outside my comfort zone, whether that be exploring new cultures and food or solo travelling. In the process I learn more about myself.

5. I am a vintage collector where you can often find me browsing markets, op shops or places trying to find unique pieces at a decent price. Love mixing vintage with modern day clothing.

Here it goes for the second part of the award where I nominate five other bloggers:

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Hope you enjoyed these fun facts and remember to check out the other bloggers. Thank you.




Weekend Style



It’s May, sunshine on face and wind blowing in hair. Wind 3, Me 2.

Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend. A big shout out to all Mother’s out there, you women rock. Happy Mother’s Day!

Outfit post, culottes paired up with a tee shirt, bomber jacket, sneakers and hat. Comfortable. Stylish. Simple.

Here are some images snapped up by Kaliyanei Smith.  This weekend’s reflection, no matter what keep striving forward and continue to always look ahead.

Thank you.


Summer Lovin’


image (16)

Only 83 days, 254 hours, 116 minutes and 100501 seconds (ok, I made up these numbers) until Summer Lovin’ is here!

Can I get a Yahoo! This means short tees and shorter shorts. And yes, London is notorious for their ‘lack’ of Summer Lovin’ (compared to Sydney) but what I learnt last year was this ‘lack’ of Summer Lovin’ was made up for with the best Summer vibes on the streets 🙂

Don’t forget to slip slop slap and wear a hat.

P.S I’ll be sure to do another Summer style countdown!




Bow Up


image (3)

Bowties are usually associated with men’s fashion but they are an alluring unisex accessory creating a sense of charisma, flair and signature look to the wearer. With these positive traits, Bow Up.

The best thing is that you do not need a special occasion to wear a bowtie. Fashion is meant to be fun. Mix it up with some masculinity and femininity.

Wear a bowtie to meet a friend for coffee? Yes, do it. Too dressed up? Never. Always wanted to but never worn one? Time is now. Not my style? Try something different. Makes me look silly? Don’t worry, life’s too short.

Navy is the new Black


A red celebration dressed in Navy. Tomboy style. Because ‘Navy is the new Black’.  

Everyone should own a pair of Navy’s in their wardrobe. Its classic, timeless and elegant worn day or night. I dress according to mood and weather. A tie since I was feeling playful teamed up with a Stussy bomber jacket and sneakers are always my preferential pair of shoes. 

To all of you, remember all those things you wanted to do but have never done them yet? Go and do them, it will change your life for the better. The time is now.

Gong Xi Fa Cai which simply means Happy Chinese New Year!

Photo by @pommogranate

Culottes are Cool



IMG_4111 IMG_4112

It would be a dream come true if I could own a pair of culottes in every colour! Being a short person, I struggle to find the ‘perfect pants’ where no alteration is needed and the culottes just does this for me. Of course, this is not the only reason why I would love a pair in every colour..

They are versatile, bohemian-like and they are able to give you that simple but classy edgy look. The best thing is that you can easily wear them dress up or down whatever the mood or occasion either with a pair of sneakers and shirt for the day or add a pair of heels for the night.

Here, I opted to wear it with short heels and a semi casual top as I spent my day at the lovely V&A Museum in London.

Photos by Miss Kate