The Creative Blogger Award


I was nominated for The Creative Blogger Award by the personable sweatergiraffe. Check out her blog;

The rules state that I must share five facts about myself, and then go on to nominate five other people, so here it goes with the fun facts:

1. I love Sunday’s. It is my favourite day of the week where I love to chill, go to a museum or simply treat myself to that piece of cake I have been thinking about all week…

2. I love eating noodles. All types. Dry or with soup. Very spicy.

3. My favourite sport to watch is Tennis, I could watch it for hours, catch is I am not a great Tennis player.

4. I love and enjoy being outside my comfort zone, whether that be exploring new cultures and food or solo travelling. In the process I learn more about myself.

5. I am a vintage collector where you can often find me browsing markets, op shops or places trying to find unique pieces at a decent price. Love mixing vintage with modern day clothing.

Here it goes for the second part of the award where I nominate five other bloggers:

London Calling –

Tribeloco –

Places Unknown –

1001 Scribbles –

Ken Bennison’s Photography –

Hope you enjoyed these fun facts and remember to check out the other bloggers. Thank you.




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