Finland, Helsinki


image-39 image-34 image-35 image-36Hei Hei

Hope everyone had a nice lovely Bank Holiday weekend, whether that time was spent with family, friends or purely having some ‘me time’.

I spent this weekend in the last Scandinavian country to explore Finland. Beautiful. Expensive. Subtly quirky.

Here are some images I snapped in order: a quiet colourful street where I can hear my own footsteps, coloured buildings which I cannot get enough of meshing in with the blue sky, inside the Temppeliaukio Church and me back in London, shot of where I lay.




2 thoughts on “Finland, Helsinki

  1. Gorgeous Helsinki photos. Very nice that You came to Helsinki and thus got tiny idea what there could be found in my country. Helsinki is part of Finland, but as everywhere in other counties, the real Finland is outside it. For example we have lakes and lakes and many of them are blue as You can see in my newest post.

    Happy and safe travels!

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