Norway, Oslo


image-23 image-24image-26image-28image-31image-21image-25image-27Oslo the Viking and capital of Norway is a beautiful modern city where you can easily explore by foot to popular sights. For instance, from Sentralstajon, Oslo’s main railway station, you can walk to the Parliament House, Nobel Prize Museum and the Coast all within approximately 20 minutes. Otherwise, there are bus and tram options.

I managed to find 20 pound return ticket from London to Oslo *does the moon walk* Bargain lovers and budget travellers will understand why a moon dance is necessary. Ways to save some money is always to check various sites before booking, especially if you are flexible on dates. Book hostels/hotels and check if breakfast and towels are included (these are the small things which turn out to be the big things), buy food from the supermarket and cook it at the accommodation if it has a kitchen, or you can eat out with a decent meal costing 149-250 kroner. Norway is an expensive city, and having travelled to 3 other Scandinavian countries I was (mentally) prepared and every penny counts!

My budget: return flights – 20 pound, bus to London airport return -15 pound, hostel – 25 pound, bus from Rygge airport – 170 kroner one way for adult, 130 kroner one way for student, food/being touristy – 55 pound = 115 pound having 24 hours to see as much as I can.

Here in order of images I snapped: The Parliament House are the first 2 photos, Coast, Nobel Peace Museum, simplistic architecture, hand fountain and the Tiger Statue.

Takk 🙂



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